The Horrors of Tiberian Valley

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The Horrors of Tiberian Valley  Author : Parada & Sapelnikov  -   5 080 plays

Ghosts, damned, skeletons, vampires, hordes of monsters have invaded the Tiberian valley. Only the city of Agara still resists, the last bastion where you can recruit lonely adventurers ready to face evil. Fight terrifying monsters in turn-based tactical combats with the game The Horrors of Tiberian Valley. In the tavern of the city you can recruit the best heroes, Druid, Inquisitor, Vampire Hunter and the secret shop will provide you spells and powerful artifacts to equip your champions. The journey to free the valley of Agara will be long and extremely dangerous, many of your heroes may die in battle. The rogue-like fans will probably notice the resemblance to the independent game Darkest Dungeon.

Strategy Turn Based Fantasy