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Developer: Justplay.lol   -   14 909 plays

JustFall.LOL is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game where you must compete against numerous opponents across various mini-games in an arena setting. Your goal is to run, jump and avoid obstacles to remain the last penguin standing. Each race is filled with unpredictable challenges and determined competitors. Arenas are designed to test your reflexes and ability to navigate ever-changing environments. You can play in casual mode to familiarize yourself with the different trials, join a league-ranked competition among players, or invite friends by creating your own private matches.
JustFall.LOL features four different mini-games:

Just Jump:
An orange bar and a purple bar rapidly rotate on a central axis, jump to dodge the purple bar while avoiding collision with the orange one.
The hexagons that form the floor will collapse as the game progresses.
Players compete in an arena made up of multiple floors of hexagons, which will crumble after you step on them.
Try to stay on the platforms as long as possible and avoid falling into the void.
Just Blocks:
Walls of blocks will regularly traverse the level, weave through the empty spaces or break the blocks by diving to avoid being swept outside the boundaries.
Race against other competitors on perilous courses, overcome obstacles and traps with agility, and strive to be the first player to reach the finish line.

The developers of JustFall.LOL also created the popular multiplayer game 1v1.LOL


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