Cover Orange WildWest
Cover Orange WildWest
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Cover Orange WildWest is a Flash game emulated with Ruffle. This emulator is still under development and you might occasionally encounter some bugs in the game. Bugs should be fixed over time depending on the progress of the application development.

Cover Orange WildWest

Developer: Johnny-K | BigDino   -   19 584 plays

Following their many adventures in the previous instalment, the Cover Orange fruits thought that they’d earned a little break and so set off to fly around the world in a hot air balloon. Everything was hunky-dory, until an arrow pierced the balloon and brought our passengers crashing down in the middle of the Wild West. Thus begins a new adventure in the game Cover Orange WildWest, with 24 stunning brand new levels, new mechanisms and puzzles to solve, and incredibly well-made and even funnier character animations.


  • Egg Adventure
  • Cut The Rope
  • Football Killer
  • Smiling Glass
  • Dig This
  • Water Sons
  • Punch Bob
  • Super Stacker 2
  • Bad Piggies
  • Smiling Glass 2
  • Home Sheep Home
  • Snail Bob 8
  • Catch The Candy
  • String Theory
  • Truck Loader 5
  • Wheely 4
  • Snail Bob 5
  • Cut The Rope Magic
  • Wheely 2
  • SSRB Ball: Suika game
  • Sugar, Sugar 3
  • Heart Box
  • Bounce and Collect
  • Snail Bob 6
  • Wheely 3
  • Snail Bob 3
  • Om Nom Bounce
  • Disaster Will Strike 5
  • Home Sheep Home 2
  • Cut The Rope 2