The logic category offers games that require you to be smart and observant. The adventures in this kind of title will often be a pretext for a series of challenges that must be addressed by thinking and using common sense. Analyze your environment well, activate mechanisms, combine parts together or perform actions in a specific order to unlock certain situations. You can play logic games alone, with friends to combine your strengths or with your family to have fun while thinking.

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What are logic games?

Logic games are based on the manipulation or shifting of various objects in order to organize them in a certain way to achieve a defined goal. Logic games will require reasoning and use your ability to visualize objects in space. For example, in the game Cut The Rope : Experiments it will be necessary to cut strings in order to send sweets into the mouths of small creatures. This simple concept will offer many challenges with increasing difficulty which will require reflection and a sense of observation. Other titles such as Wheely 7 will use the traditional mechanics of logic games for a thrilling adventure and a moving story. Indeed, here you will have to explore a colorful world and interact with different elements of your environment to make your hero progress in his journey.

What is the origin of logic games?

Logic games are inspired by Puzzles that consist of reconstructing an object with pieces that fit together. Puzzles games was invented by John Spilsbury who, in 1760, had the idea of cutting world maps into several pieces in order to offer a fun way to learn geography. The logic games on computer and browser use these same mechanics of assembling objects. The best known of them is Tetris designed by Alekseï Pajitnov in 1984. In the game you will have to move pieces of different shapes in order to make complete lines. This concept gave rise to a genre in its own right, tile-matching games. The free logic games offered on Snokido will be an opportunity to discover many ways to have fun while thinking and making your sense of logic work like in the game Heart Box.

What are the different types of logic games?

  • Brain Games require you to use your head to think and be smart to progress and resolve twisted and sometimes incredible challenges. Simple to understand but hard to master, puzzle games are accessible to beginners but also offer complex enough challenges to satisfy the most dedicated players and more experienced.
  • Physics games such as Draw Climber will use an engine allowing to transcribe as well as possible sensations related to gravity and physics. It will be necessary to use these properties which will be the heart of the mechanics of physics games.
  • What are the best free logic games?

    1. Cut The Rope 2
    2. Doodle God Ultimate Edition
    3. Wheely 8
    4. Microsoft Mahjong
    5. Escape Out