With puzzle games you'll be able to work your brain and train your memory. Whether to use numbers, combine letters, leading chess or solving puzzles, your intelligence and your reasoning skills will be put to the test. Playing puzzle games is to think before acting, take time to put tactics in place and to analyze each situation to find the most suitable solution. Ideal to educate and train his brain while having fun!

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What are puzzle games?

Puzzle games are as diverse as they are varied but will have in common the requirement to analyze situations, to think about them and to find solutions according to specific and sometimes even complex mechanics and rules of the game. Your capacities of logic and reasoning will allow you to progress and improve your skills in order to achieve more and more difficult objectives. Discover the immense richness and diversity of free puzzle games including the famous Uno, Chess games, classics Solitaire and Mahjong or more original games like Cut the Rope or Snail Bob.

What is the origin of adventure games?

Humans (and maybe Aliens) have always played games, but on earth one of the first known board games is the Senet, which was played in ancient Egypt by the pharaohs themselves. All periods of history and all civilizations have had their own board games or card games, they not only served as entertainment but also helped to create social bonds and playful interactions between people. Nowadays the classic Monopoly, Chess, Checkers or Card games are an integral part of our daily entertainment and can also be played online on Snokido thanks to a wide selection of the best games in the genre.

What are the different types of puzzle games?

  • Match 3 games Games will be based on the principle of combining tiles or other objects by three or more in order to make combinations to fulfill different objectives as in Candy Riddles which will offer many challenges through hundreds of levels.
  • Logic games will often ask you to assemble, combine or conversely to dissociate elements respecting specific game mechanics as in Cut The Rope 2 where you will have to cut strings to drop objects at the right place.
  • Card games are innumerable in their diversity and in their rules. With the Uno or Blackjack, Poker or Solitaire and its different variants, each player can find the type of card game that suits their desires.
  • Board games are the kind of entertainment that brings family or friends together to play, challenge themselves and share fun moments in a good mood. Famous board games are also playable on Snokido such as Monopoly or the classic Chess game.

What are the best free puzzle games?

  1. Uno 4 Colors
  2. 2048
  3. Cut The Rope 2
  4. Phase 10 Online
  5. Doodle God Ultimate Edition