Board Games

With board games you can find the classics games that are usually played around a table with friends. Here you can play online in the traditional game of Checkers or scratching your head by playing a game of chess. If you want to relax in a good mood you can discover or rediscover the Ludo, sink your opponent's ships in Naval Battle games or buy land and build houses by playing the Monopoly. Board games will appeal to young and old people and are great for having fun with all the family.

What are board games?

Board games are a traditional and ancient form of entertainment that are mostly played on a table, with friends or family, using visual support and following precise rules. Board games are very diverse and will propose equally varied themes. There are also many browser's board games such as in which you will have to draw objects to make them guess to other players online. Board games will be the ideal way to spend convivial moments and challenge yourself with friends.

What is the origin of board games?

Board games have existed for all time and almost every civilization in history had its own game played by many people. Egyptians invented the Mehen (snake game) and the Senet, Romans were already playing Ludus Latrunculorum (latrones) a strategy game which included black and white knight-shaped pawns and a game board. 'The "Go" game was invented in China over 2000 years ago and has become one of the universal board game these days. More recently in the 20th century board games have spread to almost all families with famous titles like Monopoly in which you have to buy land, build houses and become rich. Trivial Pursuit, meanwhile, appeals to your general culture because to progress you will have to answer questions on various themes. The board games can also be played for free in a browser, and Snokido offers a selection of the best of them, such as the famous game Connect 4 or many chess games.

What are the different types of board games?

  • Mahjong games will allow you to discover one of the oldest distractions in the world while playing on your browser. Games like Mahjong Dimensions will use your logic and your sense of observation to solve the different puzzles.

What are the best free board games?

  2. Monopoly
  3. Battleships Armada
  4. Connect 4