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Let your drawing skills speak to guess words or guess yourself the drawings of other players in the game Gartic.io. Each round a player will be designated to draw a word to guess, without using letters, numbers or symbols. All players who manage to find the word earn points, the first player to reach the point objective wins the game. Gartic.io allows you to create your own game rooms, it will be possible to invite up to 50 friends, by sharing a link, to play all in the same game. Choose from the suggested word groups and have limitless fun using your imagination, your drawing and guessing skills.

How to play Gartic.io?- Try to guess the word drawn by one of the players in your game before the time runs out. Write your answer in the chat, without spelling mistakes, if you have found the right word your answer will be validated and will earn you points. The first player to reach 120 points wins the game.
- When you are the designer you have 60 seconds to draw the word you have chosen among the two proposed. You must not draw any numbers, letters or symbols. Try to make other players guess the word with drawings or sketches.

How to create a room and invite friends to play Gartic.io?- On the game's home screen click on the 'Rooms' button, you can then join public games created by other players or create your own room, public or private. You can customize the game settings and choose one of the 7 themes offered which will define the words to be guessed.
- To invite friends, create a new room, a link will then be generated and you just need to share it with your friends so that they can join your game.

Is Gartic.io playable on mobile and tablet?Yes, you can play Gartic.io on mobile and tablet. Just draw using the touch screen of your device and when you guess the words you can use your virtual keyboard to write your suggestions.


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