.io Games

    Play against online players in .io games and become the master by dominating them all! Survive as long as possible, annihilate your opponents and climb to the top of the ladderboard to prove you are the best. The .io games are a constant competition between the players of the whole world, shooting, arcade, race, all type of games are represented.

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    What is an .io game?

    In .io games you compete against other online players and generally you will have to improve your avatar to make it grow, evolve or become stronger and increase your score in the leaderboard of your game. The other players will have the same objective as you and often it will be possible to eliminate them to obtain rewards and to progress further. With our selection of the best .io games the goal will often be to survive as long as possible and be the best overall player.

    What is the origin of .io games?

    .Io domains are considered as international generic domain names and are used by many IT companies, especially game developers. The.io games are competitive browser-based multiplayer games with simple and accessible objectives. The first .io game is Agar.io which was created in 2015, the player controls a cell that must absorb others to grow larger but also avoid larger ones to survive. Its author Matheus Valadares came up with the idea for the game by observing the oscillation of cells through a microscope (Agar being a culture medium for cells, bacteria and yeasts). The success of the game was immediate and launched the phenomenon of .io games. In 2016 Slither.io created by Steven Howse also enjoyed worldwide success with its game which took the principles of the famous Snake to adapt it to an online multiplayer game. Another game that has also managed to bring together a huge community of players is Bonk.io and its sequel Bonk2.io created by Chaz. .Io games have now become a genre of browser game and you can find the best of them on Snokido to keep you entertained for hours!

    What are the best .io games?

    1. Surviv.io
    2. Slither.io
    3. Skribbl.io
    4. ZombsRoyale.io
    5. Bonk2.io

    What are the most popular .io games on mobile?

    1. EvoWars.io
    2. Krunker.io
    3. Gartic.io
    4. Starblast.io
    5. Agma.io