Super Tornado.io

Author : YAD  -   60 786 plays

Control a devastating tornado and destroy everything in your path in Super Tornado.io a head-spinning arcade game! The games will take place against other players in a completely destructible city, it will be necessary to use the power of your vortex to absorb matter and make your tornado grow. At low level, it will be better to concentrate on absorbing chickens and pigs or small cars then when your tornado is bigger you can easily destroy houses and buildings to always gain more experience. Other players will also be prime targets, you can eliminate tornadoes lower level than yours. But beware of higher level opponents who will pose a deadly threat! On the map will sometimes be keys to collect as well as food bonuses that will instantly gain you a level.
Super Tornado.io offers a league system, you will start in a bronze league and the experience obtained during your games will allow you to gradually climb the ranks. Obviously the more you climb in the league ranking the stronger your opponents will be, after a quiet start in bronze the opposition will be more and more intense in silver and gold. The game also features a store with many unlockable skins for your tornado and tasks and achievements to complete that will earn gold.


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