With arcade games fun and entertainment will be instantaneous, often through a simple and intuitive gameplay, ideal for diving into the action with a few clicks. Nervous, rhythmic, fun and often quite difficult, the arcade games will delight players who like immediate action and skill games. You can also find here retro titles with minimalist graphics but having rich gameplay possibilities.

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What are arcade games?

Arcade games are often score games with simple and easy-to-use gameplay mechanics and will generally offer short but increasingly difficult levels. These characteristics come from the first arcade games on machine, you had to pay to play and the number of lives of your hero was limited. The players therefore had to have a feeling of progression and improvement of their skills to replay again and try to make the highest score. The free arcade games published on Snokido such as Flip Bottle will also offer fun gameplay and progressive challenges. Other games like Color Tunnel will test your reflexes, focus and reaction speed.

What is the origin of arcade games?

Arcade games take their name from the support on which they were originally distributed, namely big arcade machines which allowed to play a single game. Galaxy Game (1971) created by students of Stanford University was the first commercial arcade game, the same year Nolan Bushnell (founder of the Atari company) launched Computer Space which will be the first game distributed in series. Thereafter the arcade games term will characterize a genre of video game in its own, with simple but dynamic mechanics and a progressive evolution of the difficulty. The free arcade games available on Snokido such as Tomb Runner will take up the main principles of the genre by offering fun and many challenges!

What are the different types of arcade games?

  • Skill games will ask you for perfect coordination in your actions and flawless precision in order to achieve different objectives. In the game Stickman Rope for example, you will have to swing yourself attached to a rope to cross the levels avoiding deadly traps. Each of your movements must be precise if you want to keep your hero alive!
  • Launch games will ask you to project all kinds of things as far as possible to break distance records. In the game Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre you will have to project your heroes using rubber bands to make them travel the longest distance possible. Each try will bring in money to buy dozens of improvements.
  • Destress games will evacuate your overflow of energy or stress, ideal after school or work, games like Super Buddy Kick 2 will ask you to click frantically to inflict damage to a ragdoll using even more powerful weapon. Simple in concept but devilishly effective in practice!

What are the best free arcade games?

  1. Bomb it 7
  2. Flip Bottle
  3. Rooftop Snipers 2
  4. Hanger 2
  5. Tomb Runner