Strategy Games

Many kingdoms to conquer and territories to defend await you in strategy games. Build your base, gather resources, and create troops to fight on the battlefield and defeat your enemies. With turn-based strategy games you have to take your time and think carefully to develop the best tactic, but with the real-time strategy games, victory will depend on your responsiveness and your ability to manage several things at once.

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What are strategy games?

Strategy games can be of different styles but in most of them we can distinguish redundant gameplay mechanics such as collecting resources, building a base then an army and finally battles against opponents for a territorial domination. For example, Battle for the Galaxy will offer a merciless fight in a futuristic world where it will be necessary to build and evolve its base, manage an army and conquer territories against other online players. Strategy games can be in real-time and offer fast and constant action while other strategy games will be turn-based and give way to longer thinking phases. Still other games like Shorties Kingdom 3 will just ask you to best manage a group of adventurers in dangerous battles.

What is the origin of strategy games?

Two major genres of strategy games were created almost at the same time in the 90s. The first of them being real-time strategy games with notably Dune 1 and 2 from Cryo Interactive studio's, released in 1992 and inspired by world of cult film. A little later Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and its Warcraft 2 sequel will popularize the genre with beautiful graphics and a flawless gameplay. The second notable style of strategy game is turn-based games with in particular the 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) whose inventor of the genre was King's Bounty published by the studio New World Computing in 1990. The same studio that later released the cult game series Heroes of Might and Magic. Snokido offers many free strategy games that are inspired by the masters of the genre with for example Clash of Tanks which will offer tactical clashes between players.

What are the different types of strategy games?

  • Conquest games will often ask you to produce an army to send it to the battlefield in order to gradually gain advantage on your opponent until the annihilation of its base. Age of War is a game that will require a good balance between attack and defense to take over your enemies.
  • War games will immerse you in universes where chaos reigns because of incessant conflicts between different empires. In the game Goodgame Empire: World War 3 you will face a futuristic war, it will be necessary to manage your base meticulously and to lead your troops in combat to win crucial victories.
  • Tower defense games are the best-known genre of defense games and many titles have marked the players. Plants vs Zombies in which you have to defend your garden against the living dead or Cursed Treasure and its fantastic universe are titles that will offer you long hours of play.

What are the best free strategy games?

  1. Battle for the Galaxy
  2. Keeper Of The Grove 3
  3. Shorties Kingdom 3
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  5. Clash of Tanks