Multiplayer Games

    What better way to discover a game with his friends or to compete against hundreds of other players who share the same passion? With multiplayer games playful pleasure is shared with others, whether for challenges or online tests, or to progress in a game in cooperation by joining forces. When playing multiplayer games, team spirit will be essential, as your coordination with your teammates.

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    What are multiplayer games?

    With multiplayer games you will be able to challenge other players online or play together on the same computer. The challenges to be accomplished in cooperation will be countless and will give rise to unforgettable fun moments to share with friends. With online multiplayer games the competition will be permanent, whether in battle royal games such as which will ask you to be the last survivor by facing dozens of players on a map, or even where you will have to fight against your opponents and push them out of the map. Free multiplayer games will be an opportunity to have epic moments, online or with friends, to cooperate to achieve common goals or to compete with other players to improve your skills.

    What is the origin of multiplayer games?

    Multiplayer games have always been a technological challenge, connecting several players to each other or offering the possibility of playing a game for two players was the challenge of important innovations. In 1973 Maze War, coded by two NASA students, was the first network playable game using the connecting between two computers with a cable. Later, the famous game Pong brings one of the first home consoles with the Atari Pong, which allowed two people to play on their television. Subsequently multiplayer games have continued to evolve and improve until the present day where e-sport is becoming a global phenomenon practiced by thousands of players and giving rise to online competitions bringing together hundreds of thousands spectators. The free multiplayer games offered on Snokido such as or Combat Online will be an ideal means for having fun directly on your browser and without downloading.

    What are the different types of multiplayer games?

    • .Io games will ask you to survive against dozens of other online opponents, to evolve your avatar and try to be the best overall player. Games like or will guarantee you epic moments of fun!
    • Social games will be ideal for evolving in your adventure thanks to the interactions with other online players. Share, trade, barter and develop your kingdom, skills or character by exchanging with other players.

    What are the best free multiplayer games?

    3. Shell Shockers
    4. Bomb it 7
    5. Rooftop Snipers 2