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Author : Night Steed Games   -   336 544 plays

In the ruthless world of the multiplayer game EvoWars.io, only the strongest, the most resilient and the smartest can reach the ultimate stage of evolution! Collect energy globes to gain experience and levels or take more risk by trying to kill other players and evolve faster. You can transform yourself into an Archangel, a Medusa, a Bloodthirsty Butcher or many other epic evolutions! The more you evolve, the more powerful your weapons will be, but your speed will decrease. It's up to you to choose the best strategy to survive as long as possible and to climb the overall ranking of your game.

How to play EvoWars.io?Use your mouse to move around the map and first collect rocks to gain experience and level up. You will be able to attack other players with the left button and use the right button to sprint (this consumes your experience bar).

What are the tips for EvoWars.io?- The starts of games will be the most dangerous because many other players will be higher level than you. Concentrate on collecting stones to quickly get the first evolutions of your character. The game has over 25 evolutions, so attacking higher level players than yours will be very risky!
- When attacking players, always keep them to the right of your weapon.
- Sprinting is an essential ability to survive, do not be afraid to use it even if you are losing experience. Better to lose experience than die!

Who is the author of EvoWars.io?The game was created by Night Steed Games, the same developer as MiniGiants.io and BrutalMania.io.


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