Players who like to take risks and launch into the unknown will be able to quench their thirst for discovery by playing adventure games. Explore distant lands, discover treasures and live extraordinary stories in wild and grandiose environments! You can for example take the head of a group of adventurer, complete quests and battle fantastical creatures, playing the role of a detective and solve cases or play as a merchant and grow your business. The activities are sure in adventure games !

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What are adventure games?

Adventure games will allow you to discover fantastic worlds, explore fabulous universes tinged with magic, extraordinary creatures like in Dynamoms World, and priceless treasures to find. Most often you will lead a hero, or a group of adventurers in search of glory, wealth, power and who will have to many dangers to reach their objectives. You will also have to meet charismatic characters and will have to face monsters and other creatures who will try to spread chaos. But adventure games can also be simulations or management games or even platform games requiring agility and coordination.

What is the origin of adventure games?

The first adventure game is a text game for educational purposes called The Oregon Trail, distributed in 1971 for schools and universities and released commercially on Apple 2 in 1978. Other cult games have marked generations of players by their innovations and their fantastic worlds to explore. Prince of Persia (1989) is one of the first platform games, Myst (1991) is one of the first point and click/exploration game to become cult. Later platformer games such as Sonic The Hedgehog will bring their stones to the vast edifice of video games. All the free adventure games available on Snokido have been inspired by this rich video game history that established the codes of modern games.

What are the different types of adventure games?

  • Platform games include titles whose objective will often be to cross levels strewn with obstacles by jumping from platform to platform, as in Vex 4, and avoiding dangers and other deadly enemies.
  • RPG's (or role-playing games) will generally tell you the story of adventurers who are promised to an extraordinary destiny. In role-playing games you will have to explore dungeons and fight hordes of monsters like in Kings Road or listen to incredible stories.
  • Simulation games will ask you for example to manage and develop your restaurant or discover fantastic animals like in the game Panda Simulator 3D.
  • Exploration games will often be point and clicker. You will face funny, strange or goofy situations, like in Troll Face Quest where you will have to solve the levels by observing attentively and clicking on elements to trigger actions.

What are the best free adventure games?

  1. Vex 5
  2. G-Switch 3
  3. Aground
  4. Dynamons World
  5. Stickman Boost! 2