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The Visitor Returns
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The Visitor Returns

Author : ClickShake | ArcadeBomb   -   97 914 plays

The strange little creature is back in The Visitor Returns and he’s not yet finished causing chaos and leaving terror in his wake! In his ongoing quest for prey and fresh meat to get the necessary energy to mutate, this larva is willing to do anything to achieve his goal. Click on elements on the screen to solve the sequences in the right order and finish each level. The game can be rather gory at times, so player discretion is advised.
Note: hitting the raccoon with the hammer isn’t the right solution!


  • snoki


    WHYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!

    1 month ago -

  • snoki


    :(((( the game doesn't work anymoreeeee

    2 months ago -

  • snoki


    colll cool cool

    5 months ago -

  • snoki


    at the final scene use the web then use the spray then the stinger then the claw and the finale...bite

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    Iam Scared Lol

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    coooool cool bloody cool

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    Que sangriento

    2 years ago -

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