The competitions and trials that await in sports games are going to ask you a permanent surpassing oneself to achieve the best performance! You will be able to experience the thrill of a racing driver at the wheel of his car, embody a football star during the FIFA World Cup, play NBA basketball championship or compete on the best golf courses of the world to prove your supremacy. You will find all kinds of sports games in this category, physical or motor sports, whether outdoor or indoor, individual or collective.

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What are sports games?

Sports games will allow you to initiate yourself in various disciplines while having fun or even to compete in virtual tournament in your favorite sport. Challenge and competition's enthusiasts will be able to test their skill and determination to achieve victory by facing virtual opponents in solo games or by challenging other players online with multiplayer sports games. Whether it's basketball, football, racing, and more, Snokido offers a selection of the best sports games, like Football Legends 2019 or Moto X3M, in many popular disciplines.

What is the origin of sports games?

Sports games have a rich history and are a traditional genre in the world of video games. The first sports game was a boxing game called Heavyweight Champ (1976), then was released Basketball in 1978 on Atari which is considered as the first basketball game. Football Manager (1982), the first sports management game, Kick Off (1989) or Super Punch-Out (1994) were the pioneers of a genre that would become extremely popular and diverse. More recently, titles like Gran Turismo and the Fifa series have had immense success. Snokido offers dozens of free sports games in each category for guaranteed fun!

What are the different types of sports games?

  • Racing games will allow you to virtually pilot the most powerful cars in the world and to face opponents in intense and sensational challenges. Mighty Motors or PaintBall Racers are two examples of the variety of games in this category.
  • Trial games offer to drive motorcycles, buggies or other all-terrain vehicles on technical obstacle courses. For example in the game Moto X3M you will ride a motorcycle on improbable grounds strewn with traps.
  • Soccer games will be the opportunity to play with your favorite football star in matches against the biggest clubs in the world. But other football games like Nick Soccer Stars 2 will offer you to play with your favorite series heroes.
  • Basketball games are ideal if you want to discover the playgrounds around the world by scoring spectacular baskets against the best teams. In the game Basketball Stars you can play with the biggest stars of this sport in exciting matches!
  • Various sports games bring together disciplines that are as diverse as they are varied. Skiing, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Boxing or Diving as in the game Flip Diving, the various sports games will offer you original gameplay and varied challenges.

What are the best free sports games?

  1. Football Legends 2019
  2. Basketball Legends 2020
  3. Flip Diving
  4. Mixed Macho Arts
  5. Toon Cup 2020