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Basket Random
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Basket Random

Author : TD2TL | RHM Interactive   -   759 395 plays

In the game Basket Random you can participate in Basketball games which are often random but also very funny! Try to manage your two players in the form of sticks, rigid, and often uncontrollable, with the aim of scoring baskets, countering opposing players or stealing the ball. After each basket, the field, the players and the physics of the ball will change.

How to play Basket Random?It's very simple, just press a single button, and release it, to make your two players jump or shoot to the basket. To win a game you have to score more points than the opposing team and try to defend your basket by blocking their shots.

What are the game modes of Basket Random ?You can play solo against the computer but also with a friend, both on the same computer. The two player mode will offer fun moments in epic matches!

Who is the developer of Basket Random?The game was developed by TD2TL, an Istanbul game studio created by Bilge Kaan. TD2TL has also developed other similar games such as Soccer Random and Gun


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