Player 1  up:  Move forward     Move back     Punch
Player 2  w:  Move forward    s  Move back    ad  Punch

Drunken Boxing 2

Author : RHM Interactive   -   25 863 plays

The tottering boxing fights continue in Drunken Boxing 2 with its new ring ready to welcome the less worst drunken fighters! Now the characters benefit from 3D animations and a better fluidity in the movements, which makes the fights more technical and faster. Move forward and backward to keep the best distance from your opponent and strike with your left or right fist at the right time to hit your target. Each blow will make lose a little life, chain them can put your opponent K.O. The fights will take place in 5 winning rounds, the first player to score 5 points wins the match. Drunken Boxing 2 can be played alone while facing the I.A. or two players on the same computer for often hilarious fights!


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