Fighting Games

Are you ready to rumble ? In fighting games you can duel against the computer or challenge your friends online, in ruthless confrontations! Fight with your fists and use destructive techniques or weapons to beat your opponents. Let speak your technique to defeat your enemies and prove your worth by showing all the mastery of your favorite character. In fighting games you can play as the most famous heroes of your favorite shows like Naruto, Luffy or Sangoku.

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What are fighting games?

In fighting games you will face opponents or enemies by punching, kicking, using devastating special techniques or dangerous weapons. Fighting games will generally offer fast and precise gameplay that will require perfect execution and timing as for example in the game Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles. Other titles will offer a wide choice of characters with different play styles and different techniques that will have to be mastered to become stronger. You will also be able to play your favorite series heroes as in the game Super Brawl World.

What is the origin of fighting games?

The first fighting game who had a huge commercial success was Virtua Fighter, released in 1993 on arcade and was a pioneer of the 3D genre. Subsequently, many titles have taken up these principles such as Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur. Nowadays fighting games have become a global phenomenon, titles like Super Smash Flash 2 on browser or Street Fighter 5 on PC bring together thousands of players online. You can find dozens of fighting games on Snokido, such as Fist Punch 2, all inspired by the biggest titles in the genre.

What are the different types of fighting games?

  • Beatem Up can be as diverse as they are varied. Games such as Iron Snout or Sakura Blade will ask you to face hordes of monsters that will constantly sweep over you. You will have to be quick and coordinated to survive and progress.
  • Anime games will allow you to play with the most famous heroes of the animated series and take part in epic battles, as in the game Anime Battle, where oppose extraordinary forces!
  • Arena games will offer you more compartmentalized fights. Games such as will impose you a restricted battlefield whose crossing of limits will often be dangerous. Players will fight to stay within limits and must be smart and agile to survive.

What are the best free fighting games?

  1. Iron Snout
  2. Stickman Warriors
  3. Fist Punch 2
  4. Super Brawl World
  5. Anime Battle 4.3