Pixel on Titan: AOT
Pixel on Titan: AOT
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Pixel on Titan: AOT

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Pixel on Titan: AOT is a pixel-art fighting game based on the Attack on Titan (AOT) anime. The Titans are coming to the city, you have to save the civilians and eliminate the dangerous creatures using your grappling hook and sharp swords. Launch yourself into the air with your grappling hook and hit the Titans in the right place to inflict damage, they are only vulnerable if you attack them in the neck. Using the grappling hook will consume part of your energy, it will recharge over time but you will have to be careful to manage your reserve well to not be caught off guard. Indeed the Titans will attack you as soon as you are within their reach, their blows will be devastating and will make you lose part of your life bar. Try to eliminate the Titans as quickly as possible before they kill the civilians while making sure to stay alive yourself! When you defeat enemys you collect their souls, spend them on the upgrade menu to obtain new improvements for your character.


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