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Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure

Author : Onesoft  -   59 684 plays

In a very strange time, a village remains despite the disappearance of colors and light, some stickman live there like shadows, guided by the quest for this mystical girl called Beauty and who holds the power to bring back the light. Apparently she is still alive but was captured by the evil creatures of Darkwood and taken to Big's Castle, a mysterious destination that only legends mention. But the stickman are valiant and have devastating powers to fight against evil, you are one of them and will have to roam the Darkwood taking down the dark monsters in your path.

Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure is a runner game in which you will have to progress always further by using your attacks and special powers to eliminate your enemies. In your journey you will collect precious coins which will be used to improve your character's skills, in order to become ever stronger and succeed in the mission given to you.


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