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Vex 6

Author : Amazing Adam   -   157 932 plays

With Vex 6, the cult platform game series in which you play an agile stickman gets a new episode even richer thanks to its 9 new acts plus 9 hardcore acts! Your hero will be very agile and will be able to jump, slide, cling to walls, swing around a fixed point in order to throw himself forward, hang-gliding and many other things that will allow him to overcome the different obstacles of each level without (too much) dying. Sometimes it will even be necessary to carry torches to detonate boxes of TNT, move blocks to free a passage or create a platform. All the levels have a very studied and precise level design, the best players will be able to train to finish each act as fast as possible by chaining up movements and actions to perfection. Stars of different colors and many coins can be collected in each act but also by completing daily challenges or thanks to the daily bonus level. You will be able to use them in the store to purchase skins for your character, there are 64 to unlock ranging from Common to Legendary.

Note: If you use the arrow keys to play please activate the full screen mode.


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