Stickman Games

    The Stickmans are these small characters made of 5 black bars and a head. They play the main role in all kinds of game, shooting, adventure, address and even sport. Stickman games can be funny or scary too, these apparently harmless characters can be psychopaths armed to the teeth or gangsters without scruples!

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    What is a Stickman game?

    In stickman games, the protagonists are simple figures with a circle representing the head and a few straight lines for the body, arms and legs. This minimal style allows for rich animations to bring the characters to life. Stickman games are often action games in which you have to lead your character with skill and precision but also sometimes fight your opponents with different weapons or melee like in stickman fighting games.

    What is the origin of Stickman games?

    Stickmans first appeared in the browser-based video game with the Xiao-Xiao series directed by Zhu Zhiqiang and which brought these characters to life for the first time using flash technology. The game series Sift Heads was played by millions of players around the world, we could follow through many episodes the adventures of the charismatic bounty hunter Vinnie. Stickman games are still one of the most popular browser genres these days, with the platform games Vex and Hanger in particular.

    What are the best free Stickman games?

    1. Vex 5
    2. Hanger 2
    3. Stickman Boost! 2
    4. Vex 4
    5. Stickman Warriors