EX4CE Beginnings
EX4CE Beginnings
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EX4CE Beginnings

Author : Chris Petrescu  -   11 355 plays

EX4CE Beginnings is a fast-paced and intense shootem'up set in a futuristic universe threatened by mutant bio-organisms. Play the role of a space cadet named Lancy and help her free the Lothian space colony by annihilating the evil forces that absorb all life energy in their path. Your ship will be equipped with powerful weapons and will be fast and agile, control it with dexterity to eliminate your enemies and avoid their shots. The life force that you will collect during your missions can be used to improve many elements of your ships but also to buy bonuses. They will be necessary if you want to succeed in eliminating the most powerful bosses in the game and progress even further in the adventure.

EX4CE Beginnings was developed by Chris Petrescu, you can support it here.


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