Shooting Games

The best gunfighters have appointments in the shooting games category. Here you can virtually handle many weapons and train your accuracy to aim targets for the bullseye. Pistol, hunting rifle, bazooka or modern-guns, the range of weapon you can wield in shooter games is as diverse as it is varied. Aim, shoot, reload, eliminate your targets and stay calm to deal with all situations and never miss your target.

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What are shooting games?

In shooting games you will have to aim your targets with precision and eliminate your enemies with a variety of weapons. With shooter games like Pixel Warfare 5 you can face of other players online on community-created maps and take part in epic and unforgiving battles. In some titles you can play the role of a special force’s agent, you will have to fly fighter planes like in Air Wars or even face aliens to save the earth. Other free shooting games like Sniper Clash 3D will offer you to annihilate hordes of enemies controlled by the computer and you will have to be fast and precise to avoid being overwhelmed.

What is the origin of shooting games?

The first shooting games invented a simple but very effective concept, face enemies and find your way in winding corridors as in the game Doom released in 1993 and which is one of the pioneers of first-person shooters. The year 1996 was exceptional with two major games, Duke Nukem 3d and Quake, which made the genre cult and inspired countless titles thereafter. On console GoldenEye 007 (1997) was a huge success. Snokido offers a selection of the best shooting games such as Rocket Clash 3D, playable without downloading directly to your browser.

What are the different types of shooting games?

  • FPS are first-person shooter games that will plonge you in the heart of the action for total immersion. For example games like Masked Forces will feature merciless clashes on battlefields.
  • Shoot'Em up games will generally ask you to massacre hundreds of enemies in a deluge of fire and using devastating weapons. For example, in Stickman Maverick: Bad Boys Killer you will have to try to survive by eliminating as many opponents as possible and improving your character as you progress through the game.
  • Zombie games will usually offer you to shoot on undeads to repel them and avoid the invasion. They will sweep through you in thousands or even infect people like in, a game where you have to join forces with other online players.
  • Battle royale games have invented an original and effective concept, defeat your opponents in order to be the last survivor on a map whose playing's area shrinks as the game progresses. is a game that combines all of its features.

What are the best free shooting games?

  1. Combat Online
  2. Pixel Warfare 5
  3. Crime City 3D 2
  5. Airport Clash 3D