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Developer: Addicting Games  -   139 461 plays

Fight online in EV.io, a futuristic Halo-style multiplayer FPS, and hunt down your opponents using several different weapons to take them down. Jump, sprint, and teleport to move around the maps as quickly as possible. Let other players feel the impact of your weapons ! EV.io is an intense and fast-paced shooter with constant action that will call on your best reflexes and your full concentration! By creating a profile you will be able to follow your statistics and your position in the world ranking of players.

What are the game modes of EV.io?- Deathmatch: Face up to 8 players on a map and try to eliminate as many opponents as possible. The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.
- Team deathmatch: The goal is the same as a deathmatch but the eliminations of each team member are accumulated and the team with the best score at the end of the time limit wins the game.

What are the types of weapons and skills of EV.io?- Choose your favorite weapon type to start the game, there are three different archetypes: hand rifle (medium damage and rate of fire), automatic rifle (fast rate of fire but low damage) or laser rifle (low rate of fire but heavy damage).
- There are four skill areas where you can spend points: Movement skills (jump, sprint, teleport), skills to improve your guns and ammo, and skills to use different grenades.


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