3D Games

    3D games mostly use the Unity 3D technology to offer impressive graphics directly on your internet browser without downloading. The installation of the plugin is easy and fast and you will get a visual rendering close to some console game's.

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    What is a 3D game?

    3D games use three-dimensional geometric objects that are textured to render the environments, characters, and objects to form the world in which the player evolves. Using perspective helps create a sense of consistent volume based on the player's distance from objects. 3D games provide complete immersion in the game world and put the player at the heart of the action, often using first person view. Free 3D games such as 1v1.LOL or Subway Clash 3D will immerse the player in intense action and will be playable directly in your browser without any download!

    What is the origin of 3D games?

    3D games have accompanied and marked the history and development of video games, from its beginnings to the present day. The first 3D game is called Battlezone and was created in the early 1980s by Ed Rotberg, a developer from Atari. Battlezone was the first "wireframe" 3D game and was a huge success on arcade machines and then on Atari 2600. At the end of the 80s the appearance of textures gave color and more realism to the games. Games like Alone In The Dark or Wolfenstein 3D used precomputed polygons for the first time to create a more realistic playing environment. In 1994, a technological revolution began with the arrival of 3Dfx cards and the shooter Quake was the first title to use only real-time 3D elements. This revolution marked the beginning of games entirely in real-time 3D and these games continued to evolve in line with ever more impressive technological advances. Nowadays, titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Fornite or Grand Theft Auto fully use 3D for an ever more realistic rendering.

    What are the best free 3D games?

    1. Venge.io
    2. Subway Clash 3D
    3. Shell Shockers
    4. 1v1.LOL
    5. Crime City 3D 2