Baldi's Fun New School Remastered
Baldi's Fun New School Remastered
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Baldi's Fun New School Remastered

Author : JohnsterSpaceGames  -   109 414 plays

Discover or rediscover Baldi's Fun New School with this remastered and expanded version of the original Baldi's Basics mod. JohnsterSpaceGames and his team have succeeded in diversifying the possibilities of gameplay and objectives by creating 14 different and original game modes. In addition to the different modes there are also secrets to discover such as codes and hidden areas. Some codes are classic and come from the original Fun New School version of Baldi while others are completely new and will cause new and surprising events.

Games mods:
Exploration: Explore the school freely without Badli chasing you.
Story: Obtain all 7 notebooks and escape to win.
Endless: Try to collect as many notebooks as possible before Baldi catches you.
Timed: Find all the notebooks and escape with limited time.
Upside Down: Find all the notebooks and escape, but everything is upside down!
Excursion: Go camping and learn about farming in a fun way with Baldi.
Bossfight: The boss Spinner is back for a second round, can you defeat him?
Portal Chaos: Collect all 7 notebooks and escape as portals randomly appear.
Random Event Madness: Random events are happening more frequently!
Student Race: Race against another AI-controlled student and get all 7 notebooks before him to escape.
Classic: Play the classic school of Baldi's Basic with remastered features.
Authentic: You play as Johnny, the view is smaller, and you only have three item slots.
Celebration: Different graphical themes for the two schools.
Mazetastic: How many maze can you complete before Baldi tags you three times?

Author: JohnsterSpaceGames / Developer: SeenWonderAlex
Musicians: ConnorPizzaOnWheels - Nicec00lkidd / Artist: YuraSuper2048


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  • Forgotten Hill: Little Cabin in the Woods
  • Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns
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