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Baldi's Basics

Author : Basically Games  -   808 995 plays

Even though it's inspired by bad educational software from the 90s, Baldi's Basics is not an educational game but a weird title mixing horror and humor! School is out but your friend has a problem, he forgot 7 notebooks and asked you to collect them. But it will not be easy, because Professor Baldi has prepared many challenges for you and he will not allow you to make mistakes. Explore the school to find the notebooks, and try to solve the problems you will face. But that seems easier said than done! You will have to memorize the school plans, know how to use the objects you find but also convince Baldi's friends to give you an advantage. The terrible Professor Baldi will always search you, don't let him catch up with you or the game will be over. Always be on your guard and flee to not to meet him!

Baldi's Basics offers two game modes:
- Story mode will ask you to find 7 notebooks and then run away from school. Over time Baldi will speed up, but each time you solve a problem he will slow down. Keep its speed as slow as possible to collect all the notebooks.
- Endless mode is a challenge that ask you to find as many notebooks as possible without getting caught by Baldi. Solve the problems to keep Baldi's speed at its lowest and thus get more notebooks.


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