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Author : IEP_Esy  -   76 922 plays

Backrooms is an exploration and survival game based on a creepypasta that has gone viral on the internet. The story is that of an intriguing post on the 4chan forums, we can see a picture of large empty rooms with yellowish tones and dazzling white lights. The legend tells that it's a parallel dimension, accessible if you "noclip" in the wrong place, a labyrinth of thousands of rooms populated by strange and terrifying entities! Can you escape this tangle of rooms and find your way out before the time runs out? Pay attention to all your surroundings, follow the sounds that seem familiar to you and flee from the noises that inspire you with terror, because they will often announce danger. Your objective is to escape in time, but obviously some of your "friends" from the Backrooms will intend to keep you here...for eternity!

You can download Backrooms from the original game page.


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