Exploration Games

Exploration games are an invitation to discover mysterious worlds and extraordinary places. In the shoes of an explorer seeking to unravel the mysteries of ancient ruins or playing as a detective to solve investigations, you will need to carefully analyze and observe your surroundings in search of any clues or any evidence you can to advance in the game. Your sense of observation and your logic are the main assets necessary to achieve the different objectives.

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What are exploration games?

Exploration games will often be point and clicker where you will have to interact with different elements of your environment to trigger an action. In exploration games you will have to observe each scene carefully to find the right combination of objects and advance in a plot that will unfold step ny step. For example, Adam & Eve 3 will make you live a funny and moving adventure whose goal will be to make Adam travel through different levels, all more surprising than the others, so that he can find his promised Eve.

What is the origin of exploration games?

Exploration games have their origins on PC's in textual adventures without any graphics. In 1980, Mystery House was released on Apple II, the first exploration game or graphic adventure game. The 90s were the golden age of adventure / exploration games, notably with two point and click that became cult: The Secret of Monkey Island and Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars. These two games, both funny and telling epic stories full of twists and turns, helped make the genre popular to the general public. On Snokido, the Troll Face Quest series and its incredible situations have amused many players, some of whom, are said, still be looking for the solution of the most eccentric levels!

What are the different types of exploration games?

  • Point & Click games will ask you to interact with the elements of your environment to solve often funny, incredible and even sometimes terrifying situations like in the game Prison Escape Puzzle.
  • Funny games will make you smile because of their funny and improbable situations. They will often ask you for a lot of imagination and fantasy in your thinking such as in the game Troll Face Quest: USA Adventure.
  • Survival games will ask you to do your utmost to keep your hero alive. You will evolve in hostile environments that will require you to keep your cool in all circumstances, even in the face of the strangest creatures as in the game Forgotten Hill: Little Cabin in the Woods .

What are the best free exploration games?

  1. Five Nights at Freddy's 4
  2. Minecraft Classic
  3. There is No Game
  4. Bob The Robber 5
  5. Aground