Troll Face Quest: Horror 3

Author : PPLLAAYY   -   17 078 plays

The crazy horror game series is back with Troll Face Quest: Horror 3 and its 17 brand new halloween levels. Immerse yourself in the shadows of hilarious madness as you try to solve puzzles that caricature your favorite horror series, movies and games. Outsmart the most bizarre pranks of our trolls by interacting with each mini-scene, sometimes you will have to try the most bizarre actions to find the solution of a level. If you get stuck you can get some help with a hint. Can you recognize all the references present in each of the 17 levels of Troll Face Quest: Horror 3?

How to play Troll Face Quest: Horror 3?You can play the game on computer, mobile and tablet.
To solve each level it will be necessary to chain actions to trigger sequences in the right order. Click on certain items and see what effects it has. Sometimes you will have to click and drag several times on a certain area to trigger an action.

Who is the author of Troll Face Quest : Horror 3?The game was created by PPLLAAYY, the same developer as Troll Face Quest : Horror 2 et Troll Face Quest : USA Adventure.


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