Simulation Games

With simulation games you are going to discover many jobs by playing, learn to manage your business, get into the skin of a surgeon or even develop a civilization and make it grow. If the you like management, simulation games offer you the opportunity to own your own restaurant and serve your customers, to keep your garment shop or to manage a farm and raise livestock. The rigor and effectiveness will be necessary to grow your business!

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What are simulation games?

Simulation games will have gameplay mechanics whose the aim will be to transcribe reality as best as possible or to simulate actions necessary for the smooth running of an activity. The simulation games will allow you to discover many fields, from piloting an aircraft, building a city, to managing a farm or even fishing. Simulation games will be diverse and they will give you the opportunity to explore and discover various fields. Burger Restaurant Express for example will offer you to manage your store by preparing delicious hamburgers for your customers. The challenges will be many and progressive for long hours of fun.

What is the origin of simulation games?

Before being a genre of video game in its own right, simulation games have their origins in military research carried out on the very first computers and which were intended to perform ballistic calculations for different weapons. The first simulation game dates from 1955 and is called Hutspiel. It allowed to player to test the impact of nuclear weapons and armed reinforcements on the battlefield between two opponents fighting in turn-based combat. But thereafter the simulation games diversified and titles like The Sims, Football Manager, Two Point Hospital or Goat Simulator brought a little lightness to the genre but also a limitless depth and richness of gameplay. Snokido offers dozens of free simulation games in many genres. For example, in the game Mini Mall Millionaire you will have the opportunity to build the shopping center of your dreams.

What are the different types of simulation games?

  • Management games will ask you to be organized and coordinated in your actions in order to best achieve your objectives. From managing an empire to organizing a farm as in the game Super Farm, management games will be an ideal way to play with long-term progression.
  • Trade games will place you at the head of a shop that you will have to organize and manage from A to Z. The aim will be to earn money by meeting the needs of your customers and by selling them the products you make as for example in the game Toastellia.

What are the best free simulation games?

  1. Dragon Simulator 3D
  2. MafiaBattle
  3. Tube Clicker
  4. Duck Life : Battle
  5. Ant Art Tycoon