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Author : Pelican Party Studios   -   209 688 plays

Armed with bow and arrows, battle against the enemy team to capture their flag in Narrow.one, a fast-paced and tactical 3D multiplayer archer game. Cooperate with your teammates to defend your side and prevent players from the other team from grabbing your flag, and organize expeditions into opposing terrain to try to capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base. Each flag brought down earns one point, the first team with 3 points wins. You will have at your disposal 5 weapons with different characteristics, three short, medium and long range bows and two short and long range crossbows. The aim and rate of fire of each weapon will also vary. Narrow.one offers a variety of maps that you will have to memorize in order to have the advantage of the field and to organize the attack and the defense as well as possible. The action will be fast, intense and the collective strategy will often be decisive to achieve victory!


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