FPS Games

    Free FPS games will allow you to play in first person view, which means you will see the action through the eyes of your hero. In first-person shooters you will often have to take down hundreds of dangerous enemies in varied three-dimensional environments or challenge other players in dynamic clashes using your reflexes and precise aim. FPS is one of the best-known historical genres in the shooter world.

    What is an FPS game?

    FPS (First Person Shooter) are one of the major genres of shooting games. Playing in first person view increases the immersion in the game, you experience the action as if you were in the hero's shoes. Often times you will only see his arms or the hands holding the weapon and moving the camera will correspond to the virtual orientation of your look. First-person shooters offer intense, dynamic action and will appeal to your ability to aim and orient yourself in space with ease.

    What is the origin of FPS?

    The First Person Shooter FPS) appeared on PC in 1992 with the studio ID Software which released Wolfenstein 3D, the very first game of its kind that revolutionized the video game. The following year ID Software released Doom, a game that popularized the genre among the general public and was hugely successful. FPS had become a staple in video games by then and would keep getting better with time. In 1996 Duke Nukem 3D from 3D Realms studio surprised gamers with his dynamism and charismatic hero, it was also the first FPS in which we could look in all directions. The same year appeared Quake which was revolutionary thanks to its fully 3D graphics, its universe mixing medieval-fantasy and science fiction but especially its intense multiplayer mode which gave rise to the first competitions between players. Home consoles also had a major title with Goldeneye 007 which propelled the player into the James Bond universe. FPS kept evolving with technology and now titles like Call Of Duty, Counter Strike or Overwatch are played by millions of players around the world. Many FPS are also playable on browsers, and titles like Krunker.io or Venge.io will give you intense action and unforgettable games.

    What are the best FPS games?

    1. Combat Online
    2. Krunker.io
    3. Shell Shockers
    4. Venge.io
    5. Pixel Warfare 5