Music Games

    Music lovers and those who have the rhythm in the skin will be delighted with this music game selection. Attention it will swing! Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, classical music, tango, salsa, all styles are available with music games. You can embody your own group of music or play an instrument virtually by following the directions that appear on the screen. Guitar, piano or drums, it will be possible to learn to play various instruments and make your own virtual concert, having fun on your computer.

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    What are music games?

    Music games will put sounds and melodies at the heart of the gameplay and will appeal to your musical talents but also to your coordination, your sense of rhythm and your skill. Musical games can be of different styles. In some titles you can play your favorite instrument and learn the basics of guitar, drums or piano most often. Other games such as Blob Opera will be more conceptual and allow you to compose your melodies, your songs and even your opera arias! The most successful music games are rhythm games such as Friday Night Funkin' or Chainsaw Dance, where you need to play music as accurately as possible by hitting the right keys and in the right rhythm. Often in a duel against another musician, you will have to try to miss as few notes as possible in order to beat your opponent by making a better score than him.

    What is the origin of music games?

    Music or rhythm games appeared late in the history of video games for technical reasons. The first generations of game consoles, 8-bit and 16-bit (corresponding to processor power), had limited storage capacity and there was very little room for music, between 4 and 6 kilobytes (the average weight of an email nowadays)! The games only offered basic sounds and rudimentary music. However the arcade machines were a little more powerful and it was in 1997 that Beatmania, published by Konami, appeared. It was the first music and rhythm game that puts you in the shoes of a DJ and in which you can make your first mixes. In 1998 Bust a Groove was released on Playstation, with its quality soundtrack, the game offered a tasty mix of rhythm and combat. Dance enthusiasts will also be delighted with the cult series Dance Dance Revolution, the first episode appeared in 1999. Nintendo and its famous hero Donkey Kong will bring a small revolution in music games with its title Donkey Konga released in 2003 on Gamecube. As an accessory replacing the controllers, there were drums (Bongo DK) on which players could hit in rhythm. These complementary accessories to the controllers opened the voice for games that have become cult such as Guitar Hero (2005) or Rock Band (2007). Nowadays, music games have experienced a resurgence in popularity and on browsers Friday Night Funkin' has become a phenomenon of the genre with millions of players.

    What are the different types of music games?

    • Rhythm games will be ideal for train on your sense of melody and your reflexes! Most often, you will need to play a melody by pressing the keys that appear on the screen in synchronization with the tempo of the music.
    • FNF games will introduce you to the famous Friday Night Funkin’ and its many mods that offer you to face dozens of different opponents in musical battles. Follow the adventures of Boyfriend and Girlfriend and become a famous singer in the world!

    What are the best free music games?

    1. Friday Night Funkin'
    2. FNF The Tricky Mod
    3. FNF Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses
    4. FNF Vs. Bob and Bosip
    5. Chainsaw Dance