Zombie Games

    The undead and other morbid creatures are given appointment in zombies games! Having the tendency to want to invade humanity, those infamous beasts will have to be eradicated and killed by hundreds! In zombies game your hero will often be armed to the teeth with an arsenal adapted to hunting the undead. Play zombie games is a good stress relief, especially if you like to shoot everything that moves!

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    What is a Zombie game?

    In zombie games you will have to face vile, malicious creatures who will want to invade the world or the kingdom in which you are. Most of the time, the objective will be to wipe out waves of undead, using a diverse and varied arsenal of weapons. Zombie games give pride of place to action, but also sometimes to reflection and cooperation between players. A great ability to survive will also be necessary because when the living dead attack it's often in tens or hundreds, these creatures are not very powerful but their number is their strength!

    What is the origin of the Zombie games?

    Zombies are a favorite theme of video games, their first appearance was in the game Ghosts'n Goblins published by Capcom and released on arcade in 1985. The following year in 1986, a mythical series was born with Castlevania, a game in which your hero had to explore Count Dracula's castle and face a whole host of mythological creatures including terrifying zombies. The same year The Evil Dead was released on Commodore 64 and was considered as the first game in which the living dead were at the heart of the gameplay, your hero Ash had to defend against hordes of zombies. Subsequently, the theme of zombies accompanied the history of video games, notably with the famous co-op shooter Left For Dead or the Tower Defense game Plants Vs Zombies.

    What are the best free Zombie games?

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