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ShootUp.ioAuthor : LapaMauve  -  32,887 plays  Online Multiplayer

Face a zombie invasion and take out as many as you can in the multiplayer shooter Shoot the undead and avoid them touching you or you will lose life. The goal will be to kill a maximum of zombie without dying to get the highest score. Be careful because the other players in the game can also kill you, the danger is everywhere! Explore the map to find more powerful weapons, ammo, healing, and potions. Each time you kill 100 zombies, upgrades will be available for your character.

How to play around the map to never be in contact with the zombies, you can run for a short moment if you need to flee faster. Other players can also kill you, beware! By pressing B you can place a wall, and by pressing Space you can pick-up objects. The "Enter" key allows you to chat with the other players in the game.

How to invite a friend playing the home screen of the game click on the "Team with your friends" button and copy the generated link. Share it with your friends so they can join your game.

What are the tips for Every 100 zombies killed, you will be able to choose an upgrade for your character among 4 proposed.
- When the zombies are very numerous it can be difficult to flee and not to be surrounded. Building a wall will divert the path of the zombies and get you out of trouble.
- The weapons are diverse and numerous and are of 5 different qualities (ranging from common to legendary). Explore the map to find the best of them.
- You can also drive the various vehicles that you find, this will crush the zombies in numbers without taking too much risk.

Who is the developer of game was created by LapaMauve, the same developer as and

Shooting Shootem up Zombie Survival .io


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