FNF: Plants vs. Rappers
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FNF: Plants vs. Rappers

Author : Jason The Art Kid   -   1 548 946 plays

In the mod FNF: Plants vs. Rappers for Friday Night Funkin' you will have to save the Funk and the Rap by battling against the evil plants mass produced by Bloom n' Doom Seed CO. In a bygone era of Funkin', where everyone went listening to jazz and folk, everything suddenly stopped and Boyfriend found himself lying in a grave! For once, in this test you will be on the side of the zombies. Help Dr. Zomboss (who summoned you) defeat the plant horde by singing. The first rap battle will be on the song Bloom n Brains, Boyfriend will have to sing against basic but still very dangerous plants, watch out for their poison sprays! If you manage to survive a second epic battle awaits you on the song Bad Bash, the two armies of plants and zombies will clash mercilessly to the rhythm of the music. There is also a third song accessible in the freeplay menu, to simply listen to.
FNF: Plants vs. Rappers is a mod for Plants vs Zombies's fans created alone by Jason The Art Kid in 7 months. The mod is still in alpha version, additional content should be added in the next update.

Artist, animator, composer, programmer, charter, voices : Jason The Art Kid
Moteur du jeu : Shadow Mario

You can download FNF : Plants vs. Rappers from the Original mod page.


  • FNF Vs. Void
  • FNF Vs. Chomper
  • Friday Night Funkin'
  • Friday Night At The Pizza Tower
  • FNF Indie Cross
  • FNF Vs. Mario's Madness V2
  • FNF Vs. CatNap: Godsent Gaslit
  • FNF Vs. Impostor
  • FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe
  • FNF The Tricky Mod
  • FNF Vs. Whitty
  • FNF: The Amazing Digital Funkin
  • FNF Pibby: Apocalypse
  • FNF Vs. CatNap: Poppy Playtime Project Funk
  • FNF Vs. Tabi V2 Restored
  • Helluva Boss Funkin
  • FNF Vs. Alastor: Hazbin Hotel
  • FNF Vs. Lobotomy Dash: Fire in The Hole
  • FNF Vs. Toothless
  • FNF Wednesday's Infidelity
  • FNF: Pibby Corrupted
  • FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse
  • FNF: Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses
  • FNF Vs. FNAF 1
  • FNF Darkness Takeover
  • FNF Vs. Shaggy
  • FNF Corruption Takeover
  • FNF: Bluey & Friends
  • FNF Vs. Huggy Wuggy
  • FNF Baddies