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Spin your gun and shoot at the right time to hit your target before the enemy hits you. A bullet an enemy, if you miss your shot then your opponent at the top of the steps will kill you in cold blood. After eliminating a few henchmen you will be able to face one of the bosses on your blacklist. If you kill him, then you will level up and be able to continue your mission. Eliminate all the characters from your blacklist to progress and get more and more difficult missions. To face the dangers you can spend the money earned during your missions to buy more powerful weapons at the store. If you have any money left over you can also buy cosmetic outfits for your character, there are dozens of them to unlock.


  • Neon Blaster 2
  • EX4CE Beginnings
  • Flip Diving
  • Drunken Duel
  • Spider-Man: Mysterio Rush
  • Skate Hooligans
  • Drunken Duel 2
  • Bike Blast
  • Hanger 2
  • FlyOrDie.io
  • Flip Master
  • Rocket Clash 3D
  • Winter Clash 3D
  • Stickman Fighter: Mega Brawl
  • Airport Clash 3D
  • Metal Guns Fury
  • Relic Runway
  • Boxing Fighter: Super Punch
  • Stickman Archer 4
  • Awesome Tanks 2
  • Sniper Clash 3D
  • Angry Gran Run Xmas
  • Moon Clash Heroes
  • Dark Lands
  • Stick Archery
  • Tiny Alien
  • EV.io
  • GunBlood
  • Jelly of the Beast