Player 1     Move    l  Shoot    o  Throw weapon
Player 2     Move    f  Shoot    r  Throw weapon

Stick Duel Revenge

Author : RHM Interactive   -   81 328 plays

The fights between stickmen will be more intense than ever because in the game Stick Duel Revenge the characters will have thrusters at their feet that will allow them to fly and move through the air at full speed. This sequel to Stick Duel Battle will offer you ruthless clashes playing alone against the AI or with two players on the same device. Enter the arena and quickly pick up a weapon to try to eliminate your opponent. Watch out for the various traps and other elements that may interfere in your fights. To win a point you will have to drop your opponent's life bar to zero, the first player with 5 points wins the game. Dozens of different arenas will be available, at each start of the game one of them will be selected randomly.


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