What are trial games?

Trial games will take you on obstacle-crossing courses, or races on completely crazy circuits on the handlebars of motorcycles or other machines capable of riding on all terrains. Do not look for realism in moto trial games, here the titles will offer arcade gameplay for immediate fun. In Moto X3M for example you will ride a motorcycle that can jump on incredible springboards and go through dizzying loops. The circuits will be wacky but impressive and you still have to be a good driver to finish them all. Other trial games such as Happy Wheels or Short Ride will be hilarious and a little bit gory, they will ask you to cross deadly obstacles in wacky vehicles.

What is the origin of trials games?

Moto trial games are quite recent and it is on modern consoles that we find the first titles such as Moto Racer released on pc in 1997. Trial Evolution (2012) and Trial Fusion (2014) are the first games of a series that will become cult among lovers of motocross riding. Snokido offers dozens of free trial games playable on browser with your computer or mobile for instant fun. Games like Extreme Moto Run will offer you to brave the dangers at the handlebars of your motorbike in incredible courses full of traps.

What are the best free trial games?

  1. Moto X3M Spooky Land
  2. Moto X3M Winter
  3. Extreme Moto Run
  4. Short Ride
  5. Moto Maniac 2