With driving games you will have the opportunity to drive all kinds of cars, sometimes very strange and often delusional! Do not look for realism, here you can take the wheel of wacky machines just for fun and pleasure to do anything on the road freely. Whether to demolish your car, causing accidents on the road or crashing zombies, any excuse will be good to drive at full speed regardless of the danger and damage that could be caused.

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What are driving games?

Driving games will not offer you to learn to drive but rather to take the wheel of atypical machines or to drive vehicles on crazy courses while avoiding the dangers. Sometimes on the contrary it will be necessary to crush everything on your way as in the game Destruction Truck Derby. Driving games will really not be realistic and will offer arcade type gameplays for immediate fun. The situations will be diverse and varied, in Busted Brakes you will drive a car whose brakes are broken while in the game Adventure Drivers you will have to drive at full speed on crazy courses.

What is the origin of driving games?

One of the first driving games that was a huge success was Micro Machines (1991), which offered us to drive small cars on crazy routes, in the kitchen or in the living room of the house! In 1993 the studio Silicon & Synapse (now Blizzard Entertainment) released the game Rock N' Roll Racing in which you could drive wacky vehicles against four opponents on circuits in isometric 3D. A little later in 1999 on the Dreamcast console Crazy Taxi was released, an atypical game which asked you to drive a taxi to achieve various slightly crazy objectives. Snokido offers many driving games such as Traffic Run or Train Snake, which can be played for free directly on your browser.

What are the different types of driving games?

  • Racing games will allow you to drive virtually any motorized machine in order to face other opponents by participating in competitions on specific circuits or courses, like for example in the game Formula Fever.
  • Motorbike games will be ideal to drive ultra-fast two-wheelers, as in Moto Maniac 3, requiring great mastery and perfect riding technique. You can also take the handlebars of motocross on winding and crazy courses.
  • Trial games will make you participate in obstacle crossing or in races on completely crazy circuits on the handlebars of motorcycles or other machines capable of rolling on all terrains, as for example in the game Moto X3M.
  • Bike games will not require a lot of effort but rather a keen sense of driving because you will have to ride on dangerous courses as in the game Happy Wheels.
  • Parking games will ask you to drive different vehicles with the greatest care in order to park them in secure places. The slightest shock or collision will cause you to lose points and damage the vehicle as in the game Parking Fury 2.

What are the best free driving games?

  1. Pixel Road Taxi Depot
  2. Smash Karts
  3. Monsters Wheels Special
  4. Turbo Racing 3
  5. Tanuki Sunset