MX Offroad Mountain Bike
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Player 1     Ride    r  Respawn at the last checkpoint
Player 2     Ride    l  Respawn at the last checkpoint

MX Offroad Mountain Bike

Author : RHM Interactive   -   8 045 plays

Get on your bike and ride the slopes of a mountain at top speed in the game MX Offroad Mountain Bike! Pedal to gain speed and try to cross the many obstacles without falling, the objective will be to reach the finish line with the best time. Be careful not to get out of breath if you pedal too much and also you will not be allowed to fall more than three times per level. MX Offroad Mountain Bike offers two game modes that can be played alone or with two players on the same computer. In the Mountain Ride mode you can discover 15 tumultuous courses that you will have to try to complete with the best time. The Free Ride mode will allow you to drive your bike freely on the slopes of a mountain dotted with different modules on which will be badges and diamonds. The objective will be to try to find all the hidden badges and diamonds. In the game store you can customize the appearance of your bike and your avatar.


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