Player 1     Drive     Nitro    Space  Brake    r  Roll back    c  Camera    t  Look back
Player 2     Drive    n  nitro    k  Brake    u  Roll back    o  Camera    l  Look back

Death Race Monster Arena

Author : RHM Interactive   -   18 325 plays

Death Race Monster Arena's trucks are not for all drivers! Only the bravest and most seasoned will succeed in driving these powerful and dangerous monsters designed to destroy their opponents. Take part in intense trials during 4 different game modes, alone against the computer or with 2 players on the same device. During the Derby you will be in an arena filled with traps and your objective will be to inflict damage and destroy your opponents to score points. In the Free Drive mode you will drive your Monster Truck in an open world in search of treasure. With the Racing mode you can take part in races on 5 different circuits. And finally the challenge mode will offer you to complete 10 challenges with specific objectives to achieve. 8 Monster Trucks can be driven, you will have to unlock them in the garage with the different rewards obtained.


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