Player 1     Drive    f  Boost    r  Restart position    t  Look back    c  Camera
Player 2     Drive    k  Boost    o  Restart position    l  Look back    p  Camera

Speed Boat Extreme Racing

Author : RHM Interactive   -   39 193 plays

Have you ever wanted to pilot your own speedboat? In the game Speed Boat Extreme Racing you will be able to navigate at full speed on the oceans and participate in intense races. Get on board the fastest boats in the world and be ready to face the best pilots on different speed courses. Alone against the AI or with two players on the same computer, prove that you are the best speedboat pilot! Win an event to access the next race, there are 6 different tracks to unlock. Also choose the boat that is best suited for each event, some boats are fast, others more manoeuvrable, they all have different characteristics.


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