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Hydro Storm 2

Author : XformGames   -   9 270 plays

Take part in crazy jet ski races in Hydro Storm 2! Somewhere in a futuristic world where the laws no longer exist, underground jet-ski races are held in several places around the city. In addition to being super fast, the machines that you and your opponent were going to pilot are equipped with powerful weapons. Don't have any mercy for your adversaries because they will not have any! Shoot at them with your primary weapon when they are at range and use your secondary weapon when other competitors are approaching. In addition to that, the circuits will be strewn with traps that must be avoided, the mines will explode your jet ski! Bonus crates can also be picked up in certain places, they will give you momentary special abilities that are very useful during races. Hydro Storm 2 offers a championship of 6 races on different circuits, you will have to finish in the first three places to access the next event.


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