Monster Truck Racing Arena
Monster Truck Racing Arena
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Monster Truck Racing Arena

Author : VitalityGames  -   10 683 plays

Notice to fans of big engines and giant cars, with the game Monster Truck Racing Arena you can participate in intense races on tortuous circuits. Be the best driver to win each race, the fight for first place will be fierce and the driving mistakes will be unforgivable if you want to win! Monster Truck Racing Arena offers 16 levels as well as 4 unlockable cars.

How to play Monster Truck Racing Arena?Drive your racing car at full speed on the tracks, the springboards will be numerous and the turns will be tight. To validate a level and have access to the next one, it's imperative to finish the race among the first three places.

What are the tips for the game Monster Truck Racing Arena?- Use your nitro judiciously to gain speed, but watch out, drive out of the track will make you lose a lot of time.
- Try to have the wheels straight before taking a bump or a springboard so that your car is not unbalanced once in the air.

Who is the developer of Monster Truck Racing Arena?The game was developed by VitalityGames.


  • snoki


    this game sucks it has to much lag

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  • snoki



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  • snoki



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