Racing Battlegrounds
Racing Battlegrounds
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Racing Battlegrounds

Author : l33tbit  -   43 163 plays

Will you be the best driver in the dizzying game Racing Battlegrounds ? Climb aboard your first race car and participate in one of the three game modes to start earn money. The tournament mode will offer you a series of 5 events that you will try to finish at the best place to obtain the best rewards (money, accessories, cars). The "quick race" mode will allow you to challenge other competitors in a classic but ruthless race. In the destruction mode you will have to hit the cars of your opponents to inflict maximum damage and increase your score.
Racing Battlegrounds offers more than 15 cars to buy as well as a dozen circuits to unlock.


  • Cyber Cars Punk Racing
  • Moon City Stunt
  • Two Punk Racing 2
  • City Car Stunt 3
  • Cartoon Mini Racing
  • Grand City Missions
  • City Car Stunt 2
  • Cartoon Stunt Car
  • Turbo Racing 3
  • Happy Superhero Racing
  • Rally Point 5
  • Devrim Racing
  • Rally Point
  • Rally Point 2
  • Rally Point 6
  • Dirt Rally Driver HD
  • Desert Storm Racing
  • Rally Point 4
  • Rally Point 3
  • Rally Champ
  • Pixel Road Taxi Depot
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Scrap Metal 2
  • Cars: Lightning Speed
  • Maladin Stunt Cars 2
  • Drift Boss
  • Adventure Drivers
  • Death Chase
  • Lego Speed Champions
  • Scrap Metal 3