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Hole.ioAuthor : Voodoo -  48,810 plays  

Engulf everything in your path with the irresistible force of attraction of the black hole that you lead in, an online multiplayer arcade game. Start by absorbing small items on the map to earn points and increase your size, then try to engulf cars, homes and even buildings. Attacking other players will be risky but it will earn you more points if you manage to kill them. The winner of the game will be the one who gets the highest score after 2 minutes of play.

Arcade .io Destruction


smile wink happy waii rofl cool love evil greedy dribble baffle sad unhappy sure doubt mad razz bye evil bloody sick
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  • snoki


    This is my favorite game 😄

    1 week ago - Report

  • snoki


    goooooooooooooddddd cool cool happy

    3 weeks ago - Report

  • snoki


    I'm Goated at this game wink

    1 month ago - Report

  • snoki


    J'ai été première place 2 fois

    3 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    cool 1st

    1 year ago - Report

  • snoki


    you mean fall out world? xD

    1 year ago - Report

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